G.A.B. - About Us

G.A.B. stands for Girls are Brave.

We make girls feel confident in whatever they do and help them do it with pride. If you are one of those girls who feel like you need help with a problem, by all means,contact us.
We want to make you feel like any other person in the world but keep you your unique self. .

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how the G.A.B. club was made...


"the first two members of the club were interested in kids help phone
and Girls inc. they had both experienced what Girls inc. was like.
Girls inc. is a program thats teaching girls about all the diffrent things that are possible to happen to them. they were doing research on kids help phone from the kids help phone website. they both suddenly got the feeling to start a club that helped
girls. G.A.B. was the name of their club and it stood for girls are brave. later, they added in a friend of theirs to the club and have been working on the club ever since. they all have something that they want to
say to all the girls out in the world :"always be brave be your self there will always be people in the world that love you no matter what.""