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Summer, 2018:

Wow what a summer! It was hot, the forest fires were in full force and we worked hard but we had a great time!

Work completed includes: finished the roof and flooring the woodshed expansion, finished the roof and most of the interior in the outhouse,

added some more window trim inside the cabin, added some creature comforts around the camp, finished more pine inside the gazebo and cabin,

and finally started our board and baton cabin exterior. We also grew our own cherry tomatoes, potatoes and beans. This added to the produce we also grow at home!

We also took a day to help pitch in and clean up some road side litter along HWY533.

Now enough about work, for play we found a number of adventures to keep us busy as well. This year we took a few family horseback

riding lessons and trail rides at a local ranch. We made a couple smaller ATV trips (both girls are becoming super stars at driving their machine).

We went and saw Eau Claire Gorge, paddled Kioshkokwi Lake (Kiosk), found beaches we didn't know existed on the Ottawa river and on Manitou Lake,

introduced the dogs to canoeing and even made time for a bit of fishing.

This summer also provided some time to meet up with some old friends and neighbors and of course see some family in North Bay (while somehow capturing none of that on camera)!

To finish it all off, although all were sad to leave camp, Addy and Taylor were happy to get back to school and start Grade 5 and 2!

Hope everyone else had a great summer!

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