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Spring, 2018:

This spring has proven to be much more productive than last year as last year Brent was bouncing between home and and work

in China, such a stark contrast! The snow held on late into the season this spring, but from there the weather took a nice turn.

We have tried our best to take advantage of this good working weather so a few projects have taken form.

These include: an addition on the woodshed which, for now, gives the ATVs a roof. More finishing work inside

the camp has been completed including pine and some pot light details and trim. We built a mirror for in the bathroom that

also houses the electrical panel. Firewood is completed for the next two seasons coming. Excavation of the pond has started

and although it currently looks like not much more than a large mud hole, we're excited for this project to take shape

over the next few years. We also added some software to a tablet to be able to monitor our solar system over wifi.

We're going to try our hand at a small straw bail garden this summer so we built a simple box to house this.

On a hike one afternoon we found an old trail on the south edge of the property, the trail had a small (and heavily rotted)

atv bridge. So we cleared out the trail and re did the decking on the bridge.

And finally, the kids ATV has made it to camp so we took the machines for a spin to the old mine!

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